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Sémiosquare is the auxiliary business name
   of Graafiset Neliöt Ltd.

   Sémiosquare / Graafiset Neliöt Oy
   Meritullinkatu 20 A1A
   FI-00170 Helsinki, Finland
   Phone +358 40 736 4287


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   Returned books must be in condition to be sold.

Martti Jämsä:
€12 + shipping costs

Jorma Hinkka:
Hommage à R. Mutt 1917–2017
Marcel Duchampin kolme pisoaaria ja 12 kopiota.
(Marcel Duchamp’s three urinoire and twelve copies.)
Text only in Finnish.

€ 18 + shipping costs

Antero Takala:
Maisemasta mielenmaisemaan
Elämäni kameran takana
Text only in Finnish.
Out of print.

I. K. Inha:
The novel is published only in Finnish.

€ 28 + shipping costs

Elina Brotherus:
12 ans après / 12 vuotta myöhemmin / 12 years later
€ 38 + shipping costs

Stéphane Mallarmé:
Nopanheitto ei koskaan tuhoa sattumaa
€ 20 + shipping costs

Martti Jämsä:
Sydän ja luoti / Heart and Bullet
(Included with the book is a silver-gelatin print of one of its pictures signed by Martti Jämsä)
€ 20 + shipping costs

Eva Wardi:
€ 17 + shipping costs

Jorma Hinkka:
Paris Etoile II
€ 10, no shipping costs

Martti Jämsä:
Rauhoitettu alue / Espace intime
€ 10, no shipping costs