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Johnny Korkman
Matkan varrelta / By the Way

With an essay “Notes on a Certain Way of Life” by Antti Nylén

On the back cover Johnny Korkman tells about his photographs:

“I have always been fond of straight photography. My photographs bear witness to reality as it exists. Most of the pictures chosen for this book were taken on holidays, when my everyday photographic duties had eased up, and there were no more external orders telling me what to shoot and how. It has been a custom for me to carry my Leica camera with me everywhere, and whenever something has caught my eye, I’ve shot it. My photographs are black-and-white, and shot on black-and-white film as well. I wanted to keep the whole process, from shooting and film developing to making prints, in my own hands. Black-and-white film also set its limits on what I was able to do and what needed to be taken note of while shooting.

The photos in this book are all from the 1980s and 1990s. It has always been a pleasure to look at them whenever a box of them has turned up. Now this book will serve as the box, into which the reader can also peek.”

Languages: Finnish, English

Size 21,5 x 25,5 cm
Paperboard cover
64 pages
Graphic design: Jorma Hinkka
ISBN 978-951-97491-9-8

Print run 150 numbered copies

Price €32, no shipping costs in Finland


Martti Jämsä
Kevät! (Spring!)

This small book is like a collection of photographic poems about early spring in the woods near city of Helsinki.

Original photographs, gelatin silver prints, were shown at the Photographic Gallery Hippolyte at Helsinki June 2017.

Size 19,5 x 17,5 cm
Paperboard cover
34 pages
Graphic design: Jorma Hinkka

ISBN 978-951-97491-8-1

Price €12 + shipping costs


Jorma Hinkka
Hommage à R. Mutt 1917–2017
Marcel Duchampin kolme pisoaaria ja 12 kopiota.
(Marcel Duchamp’s three urinoires and twelve copies.

The book tells the story of Marcel Duchamp’s famous Fountain from it’s creation at 1917 till 2004, when it was selected in England as the most influential modern work of art.

The book is published only in Finnish.

Size 14,8 x 21 cm
Paperboard cover
48 pages
Graphic design: Jorma Hinkka

ISBN 978-951-97491-7-4

Price €18 + shipping costs


Antero Takala
Maisemasta mielenmaisemaan
Elämäni kameran takana
(From Landscape to Mindscape – My Life Behind the Camera)

Richly illustrated autobiography by Antero Takala, photographer and pioneer of Finnish video art.

The book is published only in Finnish.

Size 17 x 21 cm
Paperboard cover
118 pages
Graphic design: Jorma Hinkka

ISBN 978-951-97491-6-7

Out of print.


    The Finnish Book Art Committee awarded this book
    as one of the most beautiful books of the year 2015.


I. K. Inha

A short novel by young I. K. Inha (1865–1930), a writer and pioneer of Finnish photography. Artist Martti Jämsä has illustrated the novel with ten rayographs.

The novel is published only in Finnish.

Size 14,8 x 21 cm
Thread bound, hard covers
48 pages
Graphic design: Jorma Hinkka
ISBN 978-951-97491-5-0

Price €28 + shipping costs


    The Finnish Book Art Committee awarded this book
    as one of the most beautiful books of the year 2014.


Elina Brotherus
12 ans après / 12 vuotta myöhemmin / 12 years later

“12 years ago I was here, not exactly in this room, but in one quite like it. Those were important times. I was treated like an artist, and that confirmed my future. I was 27 years old. I’m no longer the same person. I walk the streets of this city and remember next to nothing. I’m not nostalgic. My life is elsewhere. 12 years ago I was wondering if at last I was happy. It’s possible that I was, more than now. In any case, the question has grown vast and much more complex …”

In 12 years later Elina Brotherus returns to autobiographical photography. She juxtaposes photographs she took in Chalon-sur-Saône in 1999 with new work made in the same surroundings 12 years later. The images of the two periods form a poignant dialogue, an intimate and warm study of memories, hope and disappointments.

Riikka Ala-Harja’s short story, 10 years later, in counterpoint to Brotherus’ photographs, is based on Ala-Harja’s own experiences in France. Images and words meet in an enchanting way.

The texts in the book are in French, Finnish and English. 

Size 25 x 32,5 cm
Thread bound, paperboard covers
84 pages
Graphic design: Jorma Hinkka
ISBN 978-951-97491-4-3

Price €38 + shipping costs




Stéphane Mallarmé
Nopanheitto ei koskaan tuhoa Sattumaa

Mallarmé's famous poem Un coup de Dés jamais n'abolira le Hasard (1897) in Finnish, translated by Helena Sinervo. Original French text is printed in the background.

Size 25 x 32,5 cm
Thread bound, paperboard covers
32 pages
Translation and foreword: Helena Sinervo*
Graphic design: Jorma Hinkka
Languages: Finnish, poem also in French
ISBN 978-951-97491-1-2

Price €20 + shipping costs

* The translation by Helena Sinervo was published 2006 by WSOY as Nopanheitto. Translation is published here by courtesy of WSOY.



Martti Jämsä
Sydän ja luoti / Heart and Bullet

Included with the book is a silver-gelatin print of one of its pictures signed by Martti Jämsä.


I found a small brown envelope containing black and white negatives in a box in my studio. The envelope was marked Lounais-Hämeen Kauppaoppilaitos 1977 (The Southwest Häme Region Commercial College 1977). Taking a closer look at the negatives on the light table, I remembered having made passport photos of them for my classmates for a small fee. I cut the negatives into strips of three frames. I photographed 33 fellow students, of whom 29 were selected for this book.

I took the pictures in ambient light. I do not recall using a tripod and in some of the pictures the focus has shifted from the face to the hair of the subject. This was no doubt due to my being nervous about the photographing. I developed the films myself and took contact prints of each one, from which it was easy to choose a suitable picture. From the chosen negatives, I made three standard format passport photographs of each person.

The names of the persons are not on the envelope. A few of them were certainly in my class. Now soon 40 years after taking the photos, I recall their names, thinking of what may have become of them.Are all of them even alive any more? Looking at my self-portrait published on the book, can I even recognize myself?

Helsinki, 15 September 2014
Martti Jämsä

Size 14 x 17 cm
Paperboard cover
40 pages
Foreword by Martti Jämsä
Graphic design: Jorma Hinkka
Languages: Finnish and English
ISBN 978-951-97491-3-6

Price €20 + shipping costs

Eva Wardi

“Eva Wardi’s photographs are states of mind. The viewer must reject time  and place. It is necessary to linger and pause. The landscapes and buildings are  reminders of events, films, other photographs. Even if you can’t recognize  the locations, the details open up paths and you will try to make additions to the  pictures. You construct seriality.”
– From the text by Anna-Liisa Haavikko.

Size 17,5 x 12,5 cm
Thread bound, paperboard covers
80 pages
Illustrations: 42 tritone photographs
Text: Anna-Liisa Haavikko
Citations: Mirkka Rekola
Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English
ISBN 978-951-97491-1-2
Published in 2013

Price €17 + shipping costs



Jorma Hinkka
Paris Etoile II

On Christmas Eve 2011, Jorma Hinkka walked around the Place de l’Étoile in Paris from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. photographing the Arc de Triomphe from the directions of all twelve streets converging on it.  The photographs led to the book Paris Etoile II, which was also the Christmas greeting of Graafiset Neliöt Ltd. in 2013.

Format 12.5 x 17.2 cm
Thread bound, paperboard covers
32 pages
Illustrations: 14 colour photographs
Language: Finnish (only a few words)
ISBN 978-952-93-1698-4
Published in 2013

Price €10, no shipping costs


Martti Jämsä
Rauhoitettu alue / Espace intime

The only text of Martti Jämsä’s small artist’s book is a poem by him published in Finnish and French. Here you can read it in English, too.

Ruutinkoski Rapids

I look through the viewfinder,
at a grove by the shore.

Focusing the lens on
a stand of leafy trees.

I press the shutter,
…summer morning light…

Le rapide de Ruuti

A travers le viseuir je regarde
le bois au bord de la rivière.

je règle l'objectif
sur la densité des arbres.

Je déclenche l’appareil
…lumiére diffuse d’un matin…

Format 10 x 17 cm
Thread bound, paperboard covers
24 pages
Illustrations: 24 black and white photographs
Languages: Finnish, French
ISBN 951-97-491-0-1
Published in 1996

Price €10, no shipping costs



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